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Primetime Athletics Chandler/Ahwatukee Flag Football

I was invited down to the Primetime Athletics Chandler/Ahwatukee Spring Season opening weekend on April 1st.  It’s always good to be able to walk between fields and see so many kids and parents enjoying their time.

Primetime put on a great event, this spring season is held on the grounds of Hamilton High School in Chandler. I watched parts of 10 different games over various age groups and was impressed with the organization as well as the friendly nature in which all games were conducted.

Technical Aspects; As with most sporting events I send the shutter speed to 1/1000 in order to freeze the action. Due to the time of the event (day time), aperture was set at f/8 to keep out some of the sun.

Sports Photography Is Not All About The Players

The one thing I love about sports photography is that you can find moments throughout a game that don’t involve the players.  The photo below of the referee handing over the ball happens hundreds of times in each basketball game.  With the colors and contrast these photos always add a little something to a set of photos that tell the story of the game.

Looking Straight Down the Lens

When a game is in progress you are looking for the moments that tell a story, sometimes you get a shot exactly how you want it and the player looks directly down the barrel of your lens.

This is one of the moments in sports photography that makes it all worth while.

Photo taken at the Middle School Arizona State Basketball Tournament in Tucson, March 2017.  Centennial Middle School JV, 7th Grade finishing 4th.

Over the Shoulder

I love doing this type of shot.  With so many camera phones in use nowadays everyone is always looking to get pictures of friends and family.  I’m always on the lookout to get a cheeky photo of someone taking a photo on their phone.

This shot was taken at a charity event I covered last year.  Keep following the blog and you’ll see more of these types of shot.

If you have a charity event that needs covering, contact me, if I am available, I’ll do my best to come along.

My Top 25 Sports Photographs

I am currently pulling together my top 25 sports photographs from the past 12 months to go into a new book.  I’m currently at around 40, the photo below won’t make it into the top 25, but it’s a good reminder that sports does not have to mean someone holding a ball or taking that winning shot.

The great thing about living in Arizona is that you get your fair share of awesome sunsets.  This one over the main stand at the Chandler High School Wolves Football stadium.

I will be publishing my top 25 sports photographs in the near future.

Old Town Prague

A day out in Old Town Prague in the Czech Republic in February and finally the clouds where out in force to help frame the beautiful buildings.

This beautiful scene of historical Prague is available as a metal print or larger framed print.  Contact me for details.



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